"Working with Sabina allowed me to uncover truths that were blocking and holding me back from living the life I truly desired.  She intentionally held a safe healing space where I was able to discover Who I Am.  My coaching sessions with Sabina have changed how I experience myself and operate in the world.  Her compassion, insightfulness, and intuition was ever present during our time together. Because of her coaching style, I knew I could “go deep” with no fear.  I am forever grateful for her healing and heartfelt approach as a Deep Transformational Life Coach."

KB, Connecticut, USA


I was lucky enough to have several coaching sessions with Sabina. 

I remember in my last session I was dealing with difficult emotions resulting from 

grief and exhaustion. It felt that I had lost all my confidence. Throughout our session, Sabina guided me back to a calm place that allowed me to believe in myself again. Sabina’s warm presence made me feel understood and supported and that 

was exactly what I needed at that time. After the session, it felt like a burden 

had been lifted and I am ever so grateful to Sabina. Her warm presence is a gift 

and I would recommend her to anyone seeking assistance on their path.

AM, Thailand

"Sabina helped me shine a light on the dark corners of my mind I was  

avoiding. She inspired me to dig deep, navigate my way through and showed me 

the potential I had in me all this time. I am truly grateful to have had her support 

through my search for authenticity within myself."

GA, Nova Scotia, Canada

"In our session, Sabina helped me to step into a feeling of trust in the  universe, that confirmed my knowing that the career path that I was considering (but was having some discomfort in owning) was the right  one. Sabina saw what was needed and encouraged me to step into this feeling of trust. The overwhelming feeling of loving support that I felt when doing so was new to me, and the recognition of the truth of it brought tears to my eyes and tingles all over. I left our session reignited in my commitment to pursue my chosen career path and feeling ready to do so. I loved our session. Sabina has a beautifully warm and compassionate presence, and created a space in which I felt completely safe with her. I  would highly recommend her to others!"

JM, California, USA


"My session with Sabina was a great experience. Her warm, loving, supportive energy helped me feel safe to explore my issues from a deeper level. She encouraged me to tune into my heart and listen to my own inner wisdom, which was very healing and grounding. I felt loved and supported and in that moment, it was exactly what I needed.  I'm deeply grateful for her guidance."

KK, California, USA