“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself”- Lao Tzu


My name is Sabina. I am originally from the United Kingdom and live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I am a Certified Deep Transformational Life Coach and did my training with The Centre for Transformational Coaching.

Over the years, I have had this deep desire, a calling you could say, to shine my light and to be that expression of love that resides within each of us. I saw myself stepping into my power and joining hands with a global community whose passion and purpose was to serve, empower and shift others to wake up and reconnect to their own magnificent light! It's as if a huge planetary light bulb had switched on and more and more people began to awaken. When I slowed down and connected to this desire,  I felt the call to become a coach but not just any coach; a coach who supports personal growth and inner transformation, but with a spiritual component. They say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear! 

Each of us has our own story to tell. I have come to learn that when I slow it all down and bring my awareness back into my body, back into my heart space, I connect to this amazing inner light which radiates pure unconditional love. This light is my own beautiful spirit. I believe that this light, on a spiritual level, is the light of love and that we all carry this light within us. It connects us to each other, to the world, to God, Spirit, Universe, Light, whichever name resonates with you that brings you joy, love and peace. 

I invite you to discover and shine YOUR  light!